Sirpa Miettinen’s team won the SAGA 3 -competition of environmental art connected to the Kuopio Housing Fair area in
Saaristokaupunki (“Town of Islands”). The environmental art work by the name “Meri lahjoitti sen meille” (“The Sea Gifted It To Us”) as well as other environmental art works and the Island Gallery had their opening ceremony on Monday 26th of July in Kuopio’ s Saaristokaupunki, Siltavahtikuja, in front of “Meri lahjoitti sen meille” artwork.

Sirpa Miettinen’ s paintings were in Kuopio Housing Fair site 27, “Villa Oliver”, and in Italy-house which was
furnished by the dancer Jorma Uotinen. Photographs of Sirpa’ s art works can be found in the
Deko-magazine (July 2010, number 56).

Environmental Art Work Meri lahjoitti sen meille (“The Sea Gifted It To Us”),
Kuopio’ s Saaristokaupunki, retaining wall of the Siltavahti House, Siltavahtikuja, 2010.
Photographs: Valpuri Lindberg