At the moment, pedagogical design and the interaction between the art work and the person and his environment have become objects of my interest. What’s fascinating about learning are the different age periods of people, as well as the fusion of art into learning environments for pedagogical purposes. Learning happens throughout our lives, everywhere and especially in environments that are built for it.

The art work can merge or partially disappear into its surroundings, it can be at the same time functional, rational and to feed imagination and lateral thinking. As an art pedagogue, I often admire how diverse things can be learned, experienced and observed through works of art. Learning includes, for example, factual issues, internal processes, mental images and feelings. Human experience of the environment is mostly immersive and multi-sensory. Highlighting or missing a part can produce a new kind of experience of the environment, and intuitively helps to combine experience in a new way, which results in a new kind of experience of the world.

Artist Sirpa Miettinen