Light artwork Alli Nissinen’s corner

“Alli Nissinen’s corner” is a communal light artwork designed by Sirpa Miettinen. The artwork will be completed to Mansikkaniemi School (Iisalmi town) in October 2022. It will be embedded in floor and the lights rise to the lower part of the wall. The artwork frames an area that can be used in many ways as a communal, activating space. Here is the idea draft picture of the artwork.

Bruno Nordberg Trophy

Sirpa designed a new prize for Metso Company, which is named after the founder of the company; Bruno Nordberg. The prize was published in September 2019. 

 The Tree of Knowledge, designed and accompanied by Sirpa. Basis of the Metso Award Series, 2009. Photo taken in Sanomatalo, Metso, Helsinki, 2019.

Sirpa’s artwork Julie Andrews and Mona Lisa on the Top of Wonderful Austrian Alps (These are a Few of my Favorite Things) (1993) is presented in the lobby of Kuopio City Theatre between 25th of September 2014 and 6th of January 2015.

Photos by Marianna Huttunen

The play Helene S and musical The sound of Music are advertised in the lobby. “In the artwork Julie Andrews and Mona Lisa on the Top of the Wonderful Austrian Alps the artist combines two icons of different eras, Mona Lisa and Julie Andrews, in a symphatetic and humoristic way”. (Marja Louni, intendant of Kuopio Art Museum)

Kuopio City Theatre